Hi, I’m Fiorella, thanks for visiting my blog!  I was born and raised in the US but my family is from Costa Rica. Though I’ve never lived there (I’ve visited numerous times, got married there, had my first child baptized there, etc.) that’s where I feel like I belong the most. It’s a cultural thing I guess. I’m happily married with a son who started kindergarten in 2016 and a little girl who’ll be 3 in 2017. We also have a very sweet but anxious dog.

So why did I name my blog Little Flower Big Voice? Well, my name is Fiorella and it’s Italian and means little flower. I’ve always spoken up for what I believed in and often suffered the consequences. Though it hurts and can be lonely at times, the alternative of staying silent is far worse. I just can’t sit by and keep quiet when I know something is not right or may harm others. I first had the idea to start a blog after I went through 2 months of hell immediately following my son’s birth. Motherhood has changed me in ways I never dreamed of, setting me on a path of discovery, where beliefs I had thought to be true turned out to be lies. It took almost six years to write the first post but i finally did. Slowly but surely. I guess it’s fitting, since I’m late to EVERYTHING (except my wedding!). Hey, what can I say? It’s in my blood; I’m Hispanic 😉

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