When the Words Get Lost

When the Words Get Lost

I speak but you don’t hear me
You hear what I didn’t say
Or the words get lost because your heart is hardened
Walls surround you and my words don’t get through
Your words come at me on the attack,
defensive, ready to strike
They pierce through mine and my heart,
giving my words no chance to pierce yours
Your heart
Or perhaps my words get lost because they never leave my lips
Getting stuck in my throat and in my mind
They don’t let me sleep and yet you are unwavered,
ignorant to their existence

But one thing is true, one thing I know
God hears everything, sees everything
So my words may get lost in me,
to you
But God finds them
He hears me
He hears my plea and my cry
He holds them dear to His sacred heart
and they pierce Him, like the sword pierced His side
And now I must wait to hear His words
For they dare not get lost
His words are life
My salvation. My hope. My comfort.
Speak to me oh Lord, for your servant is desperately trying to listen

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